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[vsolj-alert 481] TmzV36 outburst

TmzV36 outburst


From: Patrick Schmeer <extpasc@rz.uni-sb.de>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 14:27:12 +0100 (CET)
Subject: [vsnet-alert 3718] TmzV36 very rare outburst

CCD magnitudes obtained by P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany:

TmzV36  (UG:)
TmzV36  991113.536  180:C  Scp
TmzV36  991114.535  179C   Scp
TmzV36  991117.528  147C   Scp
Sequence:   USNO-A2.0 (red magnitudes)
Instrument: IRO (0.5-m RCT + AP-8)

This likely cataclysmic variable is undergoing its second ever
recorded outburst. The only previously known brightening occurred
in 1994 November (vsnet-obs 10504, see below).
Robert Fried took several images of TmzV36 last night at my request.
The (blue) object is visible at mag 14.9 on his R-band image taken
on Nov. 18.456 UT (same sequence as above).

Data from USNO-A2.0: 091650.693 +284943.07 (2000.0) 17.4 18.8

Time-resolved photometry (and spectroscopy) during the current outburst
is very urgently required.


Excerpt from vsnet-obs 10504:
[vsnet-obs 10504] New Takamizawa variables (TmzV34-V36)

  Kesao Takamizawa (Nagano, Japan) reports the following discoveries of
variable stars (TmzV34-V36)

  TmzV36 = USNO1125.05932438 091650.670 +284942.54 17.4 19.7
           091650.7 +284942 (2000.0, Takamizawa's semiaccurate measurement)

         Takamizawa reports that the star is visible on Real-Sky CD-ROM
         at magnitude ~18.

object         YYMMDD(UT)   mag  code
TmzV36         940306.519  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         940428.535  <150p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         940512.560  <145p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         941102.718  <145p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         941129.809  138p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         941130.732  137p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         950222.480  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         951020.747  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         960113.550  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         960309.472  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         970929.794  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         971029.751  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         980102.610  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ
TmzV36         980318.560  <153p  Tmz.VSOLJ

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