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[vsolj-alert 480] XTE J1859+226 XTE visit 4 observations - 1999 Nov 19




XTE J1859+226 XTE visit 4 observations - 1999 Nov 19

C.A. Haswell, S. Chaty, A.J. Norton (Open University), W. Chen
and R.I. Hynes (Southampton University) announce:

We have scheduled further (visit #4) RXTE observations
of the X-ray transient XTE J1859+226, planned for
November 19th 1999 10:31 - 13:11 UT
(We could not observe simultaneously since HST has been placed
into a safe mode).

Coordinated multi-wavelength observations (simultaneous,
near-simultaneous, and
following the evolution over days) would be extremely helpful.
It will be the last week where this source will be observable
from the ground-based instruments, before going behind the Sun.

If you can observe simultaneously with XTE, high time-resolution
data (< 10 seconds) will be particularly useful. It will also
be very useful to know what the source did in the gaps between our
exposures, appended below for XTE.

Details of the target are given in IAUC #7274, IAUC #7276, IAUC #7278,
IAUC #7279, IAUC #7282, IAUC #7284, IAUC #7291, IAUC #7294, IAUC #7303,
ATEL #47, ATEL #50 and ATEL #51.
The coordinates are R.A. = 18h 58m 41s.51, Decl. = +22o 39' 30".2
Garnavich et al. (IAUC 7276) give a finding chart


For a best multiwavelength coverage purpose, the detailed
XTE schedule of the science observations is given below:

### RXTE ###

Date: Nov 19th 1999:

 From Start UT 10:31:00 - to End UT 13:11:00

Type: Start         UT Start: 10:31:00

Type: Science 1     UT Start: 10:48:00 to UT End: 11:36:00

Type: Science 2     UT Start: 12:24:00 to UT End: 13:11:00

Type: End                              to UT End: 13:11:00


Please do not hesitate to contact us (S.Chaty@open.ac.uk,
or <Rob Hynes> rih@astro.soton.ac.uk) if you wish in order to achieve
the most
fruitful multiwavelength campaign.


                    Sylvain CHATY


                Physics Department
                The Open University
                Walton Hall
                Milton Keynes
                MK7 6AA
                United Kingdom

                Telephone: +44 1908 659 272
                Fax      : +44 1908 654 192

                e-mail: S.Chaty@open.ac.uk


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