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[vsolj-alert 449] XTE J1859+226 - A Web page


Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 17:12:03 -0600
From: "Robert M. (Bob) Hjellming" <rhjellmi@aoc.nrao.edu>
Subject: Re: strong radio rise of XTE J1859+226 - A Web page

Some people were not able to read the light curve postscript file which I
attached to
a previous message.  An updated version has been added to the web page


I was successful in getting a VLA slot tonight at ~ Oct. 19.2 UT, and there
will be another at ~ Oct. 19.8.   The first reports from the GBI observations
today indicate it is back to a weak state; 20 mJy and under is not
by the GBI.


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