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[vsolj-alert 189] Spectroscopy of V592 Her (Mennickent)

 ESOで観測中のMennickentさんがV592 Herの分光観測に成功されました。
 UG型(とするとWZ Sge-typeでしょう)に間違いないと思われます。

Spectroscopy of V592 Her (Mennickent)

  Ronald Mennickent, observing with the ESO NTT, obtained spectroscopy
of V592 Her.  The result has apparently confirmed the dwarf nova nature
of V592 Her.  Further observations are very strongly encouraged.

From rmennick@stars.cfm.udec.cl Sat Aug 29 10:47 JST 1998
From: Ronald Mennickent <rmennick@stars.cfm.udec.cl>

I am getting spectra of V592 Her with the ESO NTT telescope now.
Hbeta, He5875 and Halpha absorption lines  are visible, along with 
other interesting features. I hope the RV analysis will reveal the orbital 
period ...


Ronald Mennickent

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