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[vsolj-alert 190] 81-m period in V592 Her

81-m period in V592 Her

 ESOで分光観測中のMennickent, Augusteijn, Undaさんから、V592 Herに見える
 輝線が周期81分で移動していることが報告されています。この数字はWZ Sge


(fwd) V592 Her radial velocity observation
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 05:15:53 -0400
From: Thomas Augusteijn <tauguste@eso.org>

Dear colleagues,

we have made a first analysis of the Hbeta absorption lines of the
spectra of V592 Her taken at the NTT telescope at the ESO, La Silla
observatory over a period of ~2.5 hrs on August 29 UT. The radial
velocity measurements as derived from Gaussian profile fits show a
smooth variation with a period of 81 +/- 3 min, and a full amplitude
of ~190 km/s. The variations are dominated by profile changes in the
lower half of the absorption line, which seem to be caused by a moving
emission core. This emission core might originate on the heated side
of the secondary or the hot spot, which is consistent with the
measured amplitude which is too large to reflect the motion of the
accretion disk centered on the white dwarf, and we believe that this
period reflects the orbital period of the system.
The derived period further strengthens the similarity of this source
with WZ Sge.

Additional observations of this source have been obtained during the
night of August 30 UT, and we plan to observer the source again

Ronald Mennickent
Thomas Augusteijn
Eduardo Unda

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