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[vsolj-alert 97] SN 1998bm

山岡@九大理 です。




Dear SN fans,

  As reported on IAUC 6882, another nearby supernovae had discovered
by Lick Observatory SN search team. This SN, named as 1998bm, was
discovered on Apr. 21.2 UT when it was 17.6 mag (unfiltered CCD). It
rose to 17.4 mag on 22.2 UT. The position is given as R.A. =
9h21m30s.49, Decl. = +64o14'25".4 (2000.0). Spectroscopy tells that it
is of type II.

  The host galaxy IC 2458 is a peculiar one, which has another name 
Markarian 108. On DSS2 image, it looks like a small galaxy in a group,
which involves NGC 2820 and 2844. NED gives a name as NGC 2820A to
this host galaxy. The location of SN (above) is about 1" east and 5"
north measured from the brightest knot of IC 2458. 

  These galaxies seem to be not-so-faraway ones: according to Turry's
Nearby Galaxy Catalog, their distances are about 1.5 times further
than Virgo cluster, which imply that typical SN II would be about 15
mag or so at its maximum. Further photometry is encouraged.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

			九州大学(六本松地区)理学部物理学教室  山岡  均
			〒810-8560 福岡市中央区六本松4-2-1

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