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[vsolj-alert 96] LY Hya superhumps

LY Hya superhumps

 史上はじめてアウトバーストの観測されたLY Hyaについて、以下のようにスー
 でしょうか? 観測が望まれます。1329-294 とも呼ばれていた天体です。

Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 06:20:14 +0200 (SAT)
From: Sonja Vrielmann <sonja@pinguin.ast.uct.ac.za>
Subject: Superhumps in LY Hya

Dear Astronomers,

yesterday, 24th of April, during my observing run at the SAAO in South
Africa I watched the fading LYHya for about 2 1/2 hours (UT 21:44 to 0:17)
yesterday night and found nice Superhumps in the light curve confirming it
to be an SU type dwarf nova. The humps have an amplitude of about 1mag in
V and 0.5 mag in I.

Sonja Vrielmann.

 Dr. Sonja Vrielmann                                  *    *
  Dept. of Astronomy, University of Cape Town      *    *
  Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7700      Tel: +27-21-650-4042, Fax: -3352
 South Africa                       Email: sonja@pinguin.ast.uct.ac.za

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