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[vsnet-campaign-sn 488] SNe Ia 2002hb and 2002hd

Dear SN watchers,

  IAUC 8002 informed classifications of two SNe.  Both spectrum are
taken at Las Campanas on Oct. 29.

SN 2002hb:
In [vsnet-obs 42051] (Oct. 27): 
>SN2002hb  20020903.0  <205C  PAL
>SN2002hb  20020911.35  187C  PAL
>SN2002hb  20021003.0   189C  PAL
>SN2002hb  20021021.0   193C  PAL
># The host galaxy of SN 2002hb (22:56:03.58. +13:37:31.0 (J2000.0),
># offset = about 1" south) is anonymous dim galaxy.  

  It is a type Ia SN about 1 month after maximum, at a redshift of
about 0.09.

SN 2002hd:
In [vsnet-obs 42051] (Oct. 27): 
>SN2002hd  20020409.0  <190:C KAI
>SN2002hd  20021024.0   180:C KAI
>SN2002hd  20021025.0   180:C KAI
># MCG -01-23-8, the host galaxy of SN 2002hd (the position is
># questionable as same as SN 2002hc.  The reported offset is 19".5W,
># 21".5S.), is a almost lenticular (SA0^0^:) galaxy.  

  It is also a type Ia SN, about 5 days after maximum at redshift of
about 0.035.  The discovery magnitude is consistent with the expected

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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