HR Car

P. Williams reported that the SDOR star HR Car has been unsteady between 7.4-7.8mag since 2002 January (vsnet-campaign-sdor 14). B. Monard commented that the object is a tricky star to estimate, and it is in an active state over two years (vsnet-campaign-sdor 15). S. Otero noticed that the long brightening of HR Car deserves more attention. He found out that it has been brightening continuously since 1967 to the present, as if it was in an eta Carinae-like event of dust and gas dispersion. The brightening became steeper since the very end of 1990 when mean magnitude rose from 8.0 - 8.3 to 7.5. By the end of August 2001, the star reached a record-breaking maximum of V=6.7 and the variations mentioned above were in the range 6.7 - 7.2 at that time  (vsnet-campaign-sdor 19).


Recent light curve by S. Otero;

[vsnet-campaign-sdor 19]

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