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[vsolj-alert 800] HadV62 = V1901 Sgr?

HadV62 = V1901 Sgr?

 Hoffleitのチャートと、CCD画像の照合の結果、V1901 Sgrである可能性が出てき

   By comparing the CCD image and Hoffleit's IBVS 1349, it seems more
likely than ever that Hoffleit's chart is distorted and HadV62 is identified
with V1901 Sgr.  This may explain the lack of bright red star at the supposed
V1901 Sgr position (from Hoffleit's chart) and the red appearance of HadV62.
I hope someone could check the discovery material of V1901 Sgr.

Taichi Kato

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