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[vsolj-alert 799] HadV62 confirmed

From owner-vsnet-alert@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Sun Jul  9 13:01 JST 2000
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 12:49:36 +0900 (JST)
From: Taichi Kato <tkato>
To: vsnet-alert
X-Distribute: distribute [version 2.1 (Alpha) patchlevel=24]
Subject: [vsnet-alert 5082] HadV62 still bright
Content-Type: text
Content-Length: 558

HadV62 still bright

  HadV62 (vsnet-alert 5077) is reported still bright.  The light variation
may suggest a new cataclysmic object or an unusual variable.  Multicolor
photometry and spectroscopy are uegently requested.

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20000401.722  <140p  (K. Haseda)
  20000412.760  <140p  (K. Haseda)
  20000429.717  <140p  (K. Haseda)
  20000508.749  <140p  (K. Haseda)
  20000601.613  <134p  (K. Haseda)
  20000702.632  115p  (K. Haseda)
  20000708.607   118  (K. Hirosawa)
  20000708.696   112  (R. Stubbings)

Taichi Kato

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