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[vsolj-alert 782] Non-standard event OGLE-2000-SCO-02

From owner-vsnet-alert@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Mon Jun  5 18:47 JST 2000
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 11:01:12 +0200
From: OGLE account <ogle@astrouw.edu.pl>
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Subject: [vsnet-alert 4939] Non-standard event OGLE-2000-SCO-02
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Observations collected by OGLE during the last few nights at the Las
Campanas Observatory indicate that OGLE-2000-SCO-02 event, announced on
Mar 14, 2000 as possible microlensing in the Galactic disk (l=-20.2),
undergoes second brightening episode. It is consistent with
microlensing brightening and much more prominent than the first one.
The brightness of the star is increasing rapidly and the current
magnification is about A=5. Preliminary microlensing fit to the second
episode part of the light curve indicates high magnification and maximum
at HJD=2451708.694 +/- 3.525 (Jun. 13.19, 2000 UT).

It is possible that the event is a binary microlensing (without caustic
crossing) or the source is a double star. Of course, we cannot exclude
possibility that the star is an unusual variable star.

Follow up observations are strongly encouraged !!!


Field          SCO_SC1
StarNo         131946
RA(J2000.0)    16:41:02.61
Dec(J2000.0)   -44:36:02.5

Finding charts, light curve plots, photometric data (updated regularly)
can be found in:
regards, OGLE team.

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