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[vsolj-alert 781] V660 Her superoutburst

V660 Her superoutburst

 新しいUGSU型のV660 Herがスーパーアウトバーストのようです。条件もよい時期

   As reported by Jochen Pietz (vsnet-obs 28008), the SU UMa-type dwarf
nova V660 Her is undergoing a superoutburst.

V660 Her  2000-06-02.000  14.34C  comp star GSC 2076.2118
V660 Her  2000-06-02.029  14.40C
          CCD frames obtained in the following night show 
          two humps (amplitude ~0.2mag, period ~0.073 days)

   Observations are strongly encouraged in this favorable season.  The object
has been on the VSNET target list since 1998.  Please report your progress
of observations and reports to vsnet-campaign.

Taichi Kato
VSNET Collaboration team

   Previous information:


  [vsnet 1481]

V660 Her

   According to the recent article by Spogli et al. (As. Ap. Sup. 130, 485),
V660 Her was observed to undergo a bright (V ~14.3) outburst (1995 Jul. 6).
The duration of the outburst was more than 10 days, showing a linear decline
resembling those of superoutbursts.  Although this star has not been monitored
intensively, it surely deserves more attention as a good SU UMa-type candidate.

Taichi Kato


  [vsnet-alert 2828]

Dear colleagues,

Outburst of V660 Her:

V660 Her  19990405.023  14.2

Confirmation needed.

Timo Kinnunen


  [vsnet-alert 2832]  Jochen Pietz

Outburst of V660 Her in Nov 1998

Unfiltered ST-6 images

1998-11-21.767  14.9
1998-11-22.724  14.8
1998-11-28.717 <16.3

Comparison star GSC2076 1990 (V=11.23mag Tycho)


  [vsnet-alert 3162]  Jochen Pietz

   The first-ever detection of superhumps in the suspected SU UMa star
V660 Her!

V660 Her
CCD photometry of V660 Her (1999-06-18.98UT to 19.07 & 1999-06-19.96 to 20.08)
of the current outburst shows humps with an amplitude of ~0.2mag. First
analysis suggests a period of ~0.075days. A folded lightcurve of the two
observing runs can be found at
Due to the limited time coverage other periods (eg 0.081days) cannot be

V660 Her   1999-06-18.99  14.5C  comp star GSC 2076.2118
V660 Her   1999-06-19.96  14.8C
V660 Her   1999-06-26.03  15.7C

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