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[vsolj-alert 741] ASCA - VSNET multiwavelength campaign on XTE J1118+480: May 11

From owner-vsnet-alert@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Mon May  8 12:09 JST 2000
To: vsnet-alert
cc: vsnet-campaign
Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 11:51:39 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-alert 4794] ASCA - VSNET multiwavelength campaign on XTE J1118+480
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"ASCA - VSNET multiwavelength campaign on XTE J1118+480"

   The ASCA satellite will observe the new blackhole candidate 
XTE J1118+480 in the 0.5-10 keV band from 2000 May 11 12:00 to 
May 12 0:45 (UT).  

--- XTE J1118+480 ASCA pointing intervals ---
start(UT) - end(UT)
2000/5/11 12:20-15:23
2000/5/11 15:34-16:51
2000/5/11 17:14-18:26
2000/5/11 18:54-20:03
2000/5/11 20:33-21:42
2000/5/11 22:10-23:21
2000/5/11 23:46-00:45

The optical simultaneous observations are planned as below:

Spectroscopy:  Bisei Astronomical Observatory
Photometry:  Kyoto team, Osaka Kyoiku University team, 
	     Gunma Astronomical Observatory, 
	     Calar Alto Observatory, 
	     Crimean Astrophysical Observatory

   Anyone who will have a simultaneous run on this object will 
be welcomed into this campaign.  The spectroscopic observation 
or high-speed photometry is particularly encouraged.  We recommend 
the region around H-beta and HeII 468.6nm for spectroscopic 
observations.  The light curve has shown short-time fluctuation, 
so a shorter exposure time (a few second) is better for photometry, 
which means photomultiplier tube has advantage.

   We are very looking forward to receiving any information about 
the possible simultaneous observations.  Please post the observational
schedule or preliminary result to vsnet-campaign when you join 
this campaign.

Makoto Uemura
on behalf of ASCA - VSNET multiwavelength campaign on XTE J1118+480

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