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[vsolj-alert 714] Re: Probable Nova = CI Aql

山岡@九大理 です。


し、CI Aqlにきれいに重なります。


H. Yamaoka, Kyushu University, reports the more precise position of
the probable nova in Aquila (IAUC 7409), measured with I-band CCD
image taken by S. Kiyota (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan) as R.A. =
18h52m03s.57, Decl. = -01o28'41".6 (equinox 2000.0, uncertainty around
1").  The position is quite close to that of CI Aql, which is proposed
to be the quiescent counterpart of the suspected nova 1917 (IBVS 4338
and Duerbeck 1987, SSR, 45, 1).  It is strongly suggested that the
ongoing eruption is the recurrence of the suspected nova 1917 = CI

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