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[vsolj-alert 624] XTE J1118+480

XTE J1118+480


Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 00:35:58 +0200
From: "Bjorn H. Granslo" <b.h.granslo@astro.uio.no>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 4507] XTE_J1118+480 observation - 2000 Mar 30 UT

Norwegian Astronomical Society - Variable Star Section

           ***** 1112+48  XTE J1118+480 *****

I have alerted Odd Trondal about this event, and he was able to
observe this new x-ray object, both visually and using CCD. His
visual observation - in VSNET format - is as follows:

Object         YYMMDD(UT)   Mag  Obs  Instrum.  Note
XTE_J1118+480  000330.867  12.5  TOL  M610      Seq. revised GSC
He observed the object around 20h48m, and estimated it as 0.5 mag.
brighter than GSC 3451-0938, which is at magnitude 12.91, according
to Guide Star Catalogue. According to Brian Skiff [vsnet-alert 4506]
the GSC are only about 0.1 mag. brighter than standard V in this
field. Trondal's observed magnitude was thus 12.9+0.1-0.5=12.5.

According to his CCD images (using MX5_16), the object was located
about 1'.5 SW from the position reported by RXTE. The RXTE position
(2000.0) is RA = 11h18m17s, Decl.=+48o03'.0 (ref. [vsnet-alert 4501]
and IUAC 7389).

This observation confirms the optical detections by Makoto Uemura and
Taichi Kato [vsnet-alert 4503] and Denis Buczynski [vsnet-alert 4505].

Observer: TOL = O. Trondal (Oslo, Norway). Instrument: 61-cm f/4
  reflector (M610). Clear sky.

                                 Yours sincerely,
                                 Bjorn H. Granslo

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