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[vsolj-alert 474] XTE J1859+226 (URGENT)

XTE J1859+226 (URGENT)



[vsnet-alert 3673] XTE J1859+226 (URGENT)

Date: Sun, 07 Nov 1999 12:27:37 +0100
From: Alberto Castro Tirado <ajct@iaa.es>

Dear all,

The reason for contacting you is that we are trying to perform
TODAY a coordinated X-ray and optical monitoring of the newly
discovered black hole transient XTE J1859+226.

The BeppoSAX X-ray observation is scheduled to start on Nov 7, 16:54
UT and ending on Nov 8,  15:12 UT, so we are trying to get world-wide
optical monitoring in order to get simultaneous optical (R-band) and
X-ray observations.

A recent R photometric observation in Loiano taken on Oct. 28
showed that the R magnitude is approximately the same (~16) as
measured on Oct. 14.

The position of the X-ray transient is:
AR(2000) = 18 58 41.58, Dec(2000) = +22 39 29
and the identification chart can be found at:

A revised UBVRI photometry file for this field provided by
Aren Henden (USNO) can be found on

We suggest to use the R-band filter and, if possible, keep the
time to few minutes, depending of the telescope size (about 1-min for
medium size telescopes larger than 1-m in diameter). Variations of 0.1
mag or larger are expected during the night .

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.
Sincerely yours,

Alberto Castro-Tirado
Celia Sanchez-Fernandez
7 Nov 1999

Cc: Daniele Dal Fiume , Eliana Palazzi (ITESRE, Bologna)
       Taichi Kato (Kyoto)

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