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[vsolj-alert 471] campaign on XTE J1859+2236

campaign on XTE J1859+2236



Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 14:26:04 +0100
From: Alberto Castro Tirado <ajct@iaa.es>
Subject: campaign on XTE J1859+2236

I decided to contact you because we are
trying to perform a coordinated X-ray and optical monitoring
of the newly discovered black hole transient XTE J1859+226, following
the suggestion by D. Dal Fiume (ITESRE, Bologna).

The BeppoSAX X-ray observation is scheduled to start on Nov 7, 16:54
UT and ending on Nov 8,  15:12 UT, so we are trying to get world-wide
optical monitoring in order to get simultaneous optical (R-band) and
X-ray observations.

The position is AR(2000) = 18 58 41.58, Dec(2000) = +22 39 29 and the
identification chart can be found at:

A recent VRI photometric observation in Loiano taken on Oct. 28
showed that the V magnitude is approximately the same (~16) as
measured on Oct. 14.

I wonder if the object could be monitored at Kyoto on 8 Nov, starting
at 08:00 UT and ending at 12:30 UT (about 4.5 hr). Mostly in the R-band.

Taking into account the brightness of the optical counterpart, perhaps
imaging on a sub-array can be performed for 90 % of the time or so, in
order to be able to read the chip in few seconds, allowing for short
integration times (1-min or less,avoiding the saturation of the pixels
at the object's position) in order to search for short, fast variability

(> 0.1 mag), simultaneous to X-ray flares, typical of black
hole candidates in binary systems undergoing an X-ray outburst.

Of course, you will be invited to become co-authors of the paper(s)
that should discuss the implication of these important coordinated X-
ray and optical observations.

Please let us know as soon as possible if the requested observations
can be scheduled at Kyoto, sending an e-mail to me with copy to
Celia Sanchez-Fernandez (celia@laeff.esa.es).

Thanks in advance for your consideration,.
All the best,

Alberto Castro-Tirado
3 Nov 1999


Alberto J. Castro-Tirado         e-mail: ajct@iaa.es
IAA-CSIC                         ph: +34 958 12 13 11 (sw.b.)
P.O. Box 03004, E-18080 Granada  fax:+34 958 81 45 30
SPAIN                            http://vsnet.laeff.esa.es/~ajct/ajct.html


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