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[vsolj-alert 466] SN 1999em in NGC 1637

Dear SN watchers,

cf: [vsnet-chart 215] Chart of SN1999em
cf: [vsnet-chat 2377] Host galaxy of SN1999em
cf: [vsnet-alert 3639] SN 1999em in NGC 1637 (prompt)

>  According to IAUC 7294, the LOSS KAIT term has discovered a bright
>(mag 13.5) supernovae in very nearby (about a half way to Virgo
>cluster) galaxy NGC 1637.  The coordinate is: R.A. = 4h41m27s.04,
>Decl. = -2o51'45".2 (2000.0), which is about 15" west and 25" north of
>the nucleus of the spiral galaxy NGC 1637. Followup photometry and
>spectroscopy is extremely urged.  Additional informations will be
>posted some hours later.

  The KAIT team has kindly shown their discovery image at:
, which page also tells that it is of type II.  

  In the previous information (above), the offset reported on IAUC is
questionable.  The discovery image shows that the coordinates are
likely to be correct.  Then, the offset should be about 16" west and
16" *south* .  

  The position of SN is near to the brightest inside arm of SXc
galaxy.  As shown in discovery image, there are some field stars
around the host galaxy.  From GSC, nearby stars with 13 < GSCmag < 15
are (offset is measured from the nucleus of NGC 1637): 

ID               R.A. (2000.0)   Decl.    offset     GSCmag
GSC0473900434 4h41m32s.352 -02o49'42".31  64"E106"N  13.13
GSC0473900106      17s.131     47'47".00 162"W222"N  13.32
GSC0473900111      16s.846     55'30".00 168"W240"S  13.48
GSC0473901361      29s.981     48'07".42  29"E202"N  13.75
GSC0473900155      17s.249     46'49".98 161"W280"N  14.39
GSC0473900424      18s.998     48'03".46 136"W206"N  14.68
GSC0473900012      19s.913     48'06".37 181"W203"N  14.71
GSC0473901361      24s.701     50'36".53  50"W 53"N  14.93

, which should be able to be used as comparison stars in the

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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