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[vsolj-alert 462] (fwd) 3rd radio event in XTE J1859+226

(fwd) 3rd radio event in XTE J1859+226


From: "Robert M. (Bob) Hjellming" <rhjellmi@aoc.nrao.edu>
Subject: 3rd radio event in XTE J1859+226


   I am afraid that this is exhausting my personal "credit" for
getting VLA time to follow X-ray transients, but  ...

   Since it might affect others observing strategies ..

   On Oct. 29.0 XTE J1859+226 was detected as a 7 mJy radio
source at 8.46 GHz.  We did observations at only this frequency because
we believed we were just tracking a very
decayed radio state.  It was about a factor of ten above where
it was a couple of days ago.  So a third radio event is clearly
under way.

   This is obviously related to the fact that the accretion
disk has continued to emit strong X-ray emission at both RXTE ASM and
CGRO BATSE energy ranges.

   This is a complicated event in a new X-ray transient, so I can only
recommend that people follow their own judgement about what observations
are done.  I believe that this may be one of the most complicated of
the X-ray transients found by RXTE, so, as we must say, more observations
are needed.


PS Unless it strengthens to where the GBI can see it, it will be hard
to follow in the radio.  As I implied above, I have used up a lot of
my "credit" observing XTE J1819-254 (which is perhaps the most interesting
transient of recent times) and XTE J1859+226, so it will be hard to get
time on 
scales more than ~ once a week for a while.

PPS Of course, this is also a weekend where most people do other civilized
things.  Sigh.  Murphy rules!  I just came back from a great dance and music
concert to find the recent results.  Life is sometimes too interesting.

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