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[vsolj-alert 460] V949 Sgr nature

V949 Sgr nature

  1914年の新星?ですが、非常に近い位置の星がMISAO projectとSchmeerの観測

V949 Sgr =Nova Sgr 1914              N:            15.7p-?
  Johannesburg天文台の Innesによって発見された。1914年7月16日と25日の間の

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 13:04:17 +0900
From: Seiichi Yoshida <seiichi@muraoka.info.waseda.ac.jp>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 3628] Possible outburst of nova in 1914

Dear colleagues,

I am Seiichi Yoshida, working on the MISAO Project.

We discovered a new variable star very near by V949 Sgr, a nova in
1914. Maybe it is the outburst of a recurrent nova, or maybe the nova
in 1914 was just a red variable star. Further observations are

The star is named MisV0508. It is at R.A.=18h41m03s.10,
Decl.=-28o09'35".6 (2000.0) and identified with GSC6870.1383 =
USNO-A2.0_0600.36532866 = IRAS 18379-2812. It was detected by the PIXY
system as one of the candidates of new variable stars from unfiltered
CCD images taken by KenIchi Kadota, Ageo City, Saitama, Japan, with
0.16-m f/3.3 reflector, then confirmed by Seiichi Yoshida as a real
new variable star. It was 11.5 mag on July 15.59 and 13.3 mag on
Sept. 23.44 (UT). The magnitude is based on a preliminary V magnitude
calculated from R and B magnitude in the USNO-A1.0 based on Taichi
Kato's equation:
  V = R + 0.375 (B - R)

And we found that this object and V949 Sgr, a nova in 1914, are at the
same position within 12 arcsec.

The finding chart is available at:


Best regards,

Seiichi Yoshida

From: Patrick Schmeer <extpasc@rz.uni-sb.de>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:11:14 +0200 (CST)
Subject: [vsnet-alert 3629] V949 Sgr


In response to Seiichi Yoshida's report (vsnet-alert 3628):
Nearly seven weeks ago I found a bright star (mag 12.0) near the
cataloged position of V949 Sgr (= Nova Sgr 1914) on an unfiltered
IRO image taken on 1999 Sept. 8.128 UT (sequence used: USNO-A2.0 
red magnitudes).
Data from USNO-A2.0: 184103.101 -280935.61 (2000.0) 12.0 18.8
The (unmarked) star is relatively faint on Duerbeck's finding chart
(from a UK Schmidt blue-green plate) but bright on the DSS image
from 1987 May 18.778 UT (due to the likely non-eruptive nature of
the brightening I did not announce it but wanted to follow the star's
behavior for a few weeks). My latest image of V949 Sgr was taken on
Oct. 26.122 UT; the star is at mag 13.0 and thus clearly variable
(apparently fading from a Mira-type maximum).
Unfortunately the discoverer (R.T.A. Innes) did not provide a finding
chart for the alleged nova, but due to the almost identical positions 
we may assume that the variable has been recovered. 


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