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[vsolj-alert 457] XTE J1859+226: updated schedule

XTE J1859+226: updated schedule

 以下の最新情報が得られました。終了は14h10m (JST) で、日本時間で観測可能
 な時間帯はすべて観測せよ、という数字であることが判明しました (^^;)。

Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 08:28:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: Michael McCollough <Michael.McCollough@msfc.nasa.gov>
Subject: FW: ASCA mail

Dear Taichi,

Below is the most recent update I have on the upcoming ASCA observations.  If
there have been changes to this one of my Yoshihiro Ueda
(ueda@astro.isas.ac.jp), one of my Co-Is, would be aware of these changes.  Good
luck with your observations.

Mike McCollough

        Maneuver start time = 23-Oct-1999 05:40:00 UT
seq_no = 15709000    23-Oct-1999 06:17:00 UT    XTE_J1859+226
        ra = 284.6732    dec =  22.6582     (these are J2000 coordinates)
        SIS cts =  10.0 c/s/SIS
        Please Offset SIS
        Category = BIN, Priority = 1, Type = TOO, PI Name = MCC0LLOUGH
        Target is a time-critical observation.
        NASA/MSFC                       MICHAEL.MCC0LLOUGH@MSFC.NASA.GOV
        Sun angle:  82.9- 82.6    Est. Exp. Time = 20.5/20.0
        STTA Moon Angle:  26.8- 30.1    STTB Moon Angle:  63.9- 60.0
        End of last good time interval = 23-Oct-1999 16:10:00 UT

        Maneuver start time = 23-Oct-1999 16:40:00 UT

E-Mail: Michael McCollough <Michael.McCollough@msfc.nasa.gov>
Date: 22-Oct-99
Time: 08:15:39

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