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[vsolj-alert 428] XTE J1859+226 HST observation

XTE J1859+226 HST observation

 XTE J1859+226のHST観測予定が決まりました。10/18の夕方の早い方の時間が日本

From: Carole A Haswell <C.A.Haswell@open.ac.uk>
Subject: HST observations 18 Oct  of XTE J1859+226
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:28:03 +0100 (BST)

Dear Taichi and Daisaku,

    thanks very much for forwarding my request on to VSNET a 
couple of days ago. As a consequence we were able to get
HST observations of XTE J1859+226 scheduled for Oct 18
02:00 UT - 09:18 UT. 

    Simultaneous ground based data, particularly with
time resolution < 10 seconds would be extremely useful.

   Japan is ideally placed for this, so if you are able to
do or arrange anything we would be extremely grateful.

   I'll prepare a general message for VSNET this afternoon.

See IAU circs 7274, 7276, and 7279, for details about the source. 


               +44 1908 653396 (w)
               +44 780 196 1502 (mobile)

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