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[vsolj-alert 410] (fwd) GM Sgr


From rhjellmi@zia.aoc.NRAO.EDU Thu Sep 16 11:15 JST 1999
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 20:12:47 -0600
To: "Don A. Smith" <dasmith@space.mit.edu>,
        Michiel van der Klis <michiel@astro.uva.nl>,
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        swank@pcasun1.gsfc.nasa.gov, xteplan@xgo2.nascom.nasa.gov
From: "Robert M. (Bob) Hjellming" <rhjellmi@aoc.nrao.edu>
Subject: Strong radio source on position of CM Sgr
Cc: rhjellmi@zia.aoc.NRAO.EDU
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Following the early warnings by Don Smith on behalf of the
RXTE team (and others that repeated the information), and 
IAUC 7253 which gives an improved position for
CM Sgr, we have detected a 1/3 Jy radio source with the VLA
at the position

J2000 18 19 21.636 +/- 0.02", -25 24 25.6 +/- 0.3"

with a mean time of observation at MJD 51437.02.

Preliminary analysis finds 0.34 Jy at 1.46 GHz and 0.33 Jy at 4.9 GHz.
It was also detected at 14.9 GHz, but because of the error in the
Simbad position it was way down on the antenna beam, so we need to
do a careful beam correction to raise the apparent flux of 0.07 Jy
up to the ~0.2 Jy that it will probably turn out to be.

I will be preparing and submitting an IAU Circular in the next hour
or so.


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