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[vsolj-alert 268] CI Gem outburst?

CI Gem outburst?


From extpasc@rz.uni-sb.de Fri Feb 19 16:34 JST 1999
From: Patrick Schmeer <extpasc@rz.uni-sb.de>
Subject: Extremely rare outburst of CI Gem
To: tkato@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp (Taichi Kato)
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 08:34:05 +0100 (CET)
Cc: extpasc@rz.uni-sb.de (Patrick Schmeer)

Dear Taichi,
last evening I detected what appeared to be CI Gem in
outburst (at mag 15-16) on a CCD image taken on Feb. 18.19 UT.  
A few hours later the new object was confirmed on images
taken by Pepe Vilchez and Peter Sorensen with the Wide
Field Camera (WFC) of the Isaac Newton Telescope (INT)
at La Palma.
Please note that CI Gem is wrongly identified in Duerbeck's
nova catalog and in the catalog by Downes and Shara. My
object is slightly south of the marked star. Nothing is
visible at my position on the POSS image reproduced in
Duerbeck's nova catalog. So I would suggest a mag range
for CI Gem of 15 - [21. 
You can find the INT images at:
r149868: Feb. 18, 23h26m UT, R, 150 sec
r149876: Feb. 18, 23h33m UT, R, 150 sec
r149872: Feb. 18, 23h42m UT, B, 150 sec
I'll send you 'my' discovery and comparison images (both
taken by Mark Parker/Santa Barbara) separately.
Please inform your Japanese colleagues about this 
extremely rare outburst (but please don't send anything
yet to VSNet). I'll send a more detailed report to
vsnet-alert within the next hour or so. 
Best wishes,

 CI Gem自身の情報は以下の通りです。

CI Gem        UG?       14.7P-18.5P
 1943年、Sonneberg のプレートからHoffmeister が発見した。極大は1940年1月

・CI Gem は SU UMa型か (IBVS 3440)
った。他のプレート調査の結果以下の増光が見いだされた。1963 Oct 15, 16.5;
1966 Feb 23, 16.5; 1986 Dec 3, 14.5.

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