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[vsolj-alert 153] Nova Oph 1998 CCD image

Nova Oph 1998 CCD image

 大阪教育大学のメンバーの撮像した Nova Oph 1998 のCCD画像をVSNET pageに
 置きました。Vバンドなので眼視観測との対比が容易と思います。以下の URL を

Dear Colleagues,

  By courtesy of the Osaka-Kyoiku University team, we have been able to put
a V-band CCD image on the VSNET page on Nova Oph 1998.  The brigntest star
is the nova.  Hope this will help in identification of the nova.


   The GIF file via anonymous http:


  I am now working with this image to produce a deep V sequence.  Please
be patient a bit!

Taichi Kato

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