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[vsolj-alert 141] XTE J2012+381

XTE J2012+381

 ます。I = 18.6 ぐらいではあるものの、I = 16.6 の星に近接しているので観

Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 09:43:26 +0100 (BST)
From: Robert Hynes <rih@star.cpes.susx.ac.uk>
Subject: [vsnet-alert 1860] IAUC Submission on XTE J2012+381

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached our circular submitted to the IAU last night.

XTE J2012+381

R. I. Hynes and P. Roche, University of Sussex, report: "Images were
taken on June 3.14 - 3.23 by N. Walton (Isaac Newton Group) using the
1.0-m Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope, La Palma, of USNO 1275.13846761 (IAUC
6931), the suggested optical counterpart to XTE J2012+381 (IAUC 6920).
We estimate U = 19.4, B = 19.1, V = 17.9, R = 17.2, I = 16.6 (+/- 0.2
mag).  V, R and I images also show a faint red companion star 1".2
away.  We measure an offset in R.A. of -0.09s +/- 0.01, and in Decl.
+0".5 +/- 0".1 relative to USNO 1275.13846761 placing this object at
the centre of the radio error circle (IAUC 6924).  We estimate V =
21.3, R = 20.1, I = 18.6 (+/- 0.3mag).  These colours are consistent
with a reddened soft X-ray transient as suggested by the estimate of
A(V) = 7 deduced from ASCA spectral fitting (IAUC 6927).  We therefore
propose that this object is the true optical counterpart to XTE

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