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[vsolj-alert 45] Possible recovery of V893 Sco, or a new variable star?

Possible recovery of V893 Sco, or a new variable star?

   Katsumi Haseda (haseda@mxs.meshnet.or.jp) reports the photographic
discovery of a new variable star using 10cm F4.0 twin astrograph.  Kodak
T-Max 400 film was used.

   16h 15m 15s.1  (J2000.0)
   -28o 37' 40"

   This object may be identical with the following ROSAT source.

161516.2 -283711 (2000.0) 1RXS161516.2-283712 0.346 0.94 0.53

   Considering the rapid change in brightness, and the possible identity
with the ROSAT source, this variable may be identical with V893 Sco,
a "lost" suspected dwarf nova despite many investigators efforts. 
The object also lies ~6' from the obscure suspected variable NSV07570.

   Follow-up observations, quiescent photometry and spectroscopy,
secure optical identification of the ROSAT source, future search for
possible outbursts, and search for archival images are strongly encouraged.

object         YYMMDD(UT)   mag  code
SCOV893?       980128.852  130p  (HAS)
SCOV893?       980201.843  125p  (HAS)
SCOV893?       980226.835  152p  (HAS)
SCOV893?       980301.817  152p  (HAS)
SCOV893?       980308.806  152p  (HAS)

Observer's code:
  (HAS): (tentative designation), Katsumi Haseda

Taichi Kato

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