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[vsolj-alert 43] Outburst of MM Hya

Outburst of MM Hya

 SU UMa型(あるいはWZ Sge型)と目されているMM Hyaがまれなアウトバーストを

Outburst of MM Hya (PG 0911-066)

   The suspected SU UMa-type (possible WZ Sge-type) dwarf nova MM Hya is
reported by J. Kemp to be in outburst.

HYAMM  980308.181  13.80V  J. Kemp

   Some more information:

from [vsnet-obs 1760]:

    PG 0911-066 was studied photometrically in detail by Misselt and Shafter
(1995, AJ 109, 1757, "Time-resolved CCD photometry of a sample of Palomar-
Green cataclysmic variable candidates").  They found a pretty stable photo-
metric variation with a period of P = 82.931 +/- 0.001 min during quiescence.

Taichi Kato

   The VSNET chart is available as [vsnet 419].


   High-speed photometry to search for suprehumps is strongly encouraged.

Taichi Kato

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