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[vsnet-campaign 374] AW Sge superoutburst

Dear Colleagues,
after the discovery of the outburst by R. Stubbing (vsnet-outburst 262) and call for
observations by Dr. T. Kato (vsnet-campaign 366), I did time resolved photometry on this
target, discovering superhumps. In particular, the second night data, taken by me and M.A.
Tosti, show these features very well. Looking at the light curve, it is possible to see an
amplitude of about 0.4 magnitude and a period of 0.07 days. We also performed astrometry,
getting the following results for the source in outburst:

R.A.= 19h 5m8 37.11s; Delta:+16d 41' 28.8" (J2000.0, based on USNO A2.0; mean

At this point, it is possible to conclude that AW Sge actually is SU UMa CV, right now in

As the source has been in superoutburst over the last days, it is very urgent to get other
nights before to have the star faint. 

A light curve, relative to the second night, is attached here, showing superhumps. Also,
please find attached a  CCD reference frame, with the variable marked (north is up, east
on the left).

G. Masi, M.A. Tosti

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