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[vsnet-campaign-sn 652] SNe information from IAUC 8159

SN2003gh  20030607.707 <185CR  MLF
SN2003gh  20030629.737  157:C  MLF
SN2003gh  20030630.694  156C   MLF

# SN 2003gh (7:45:17.93, -71:24:37.3 (J2000.0), offset about 6"E)
# is hosted by NGC 2466, a face-on spiral (SA(s)c:) galaxy.  There is
# a foreground star (mag about 16-7) superimposed on the eastern arm.
# The position end figures of this star is about 18s.5, 33".1.  The 
# magnitude at discovery is consistent with (or slightly brighter
# than) the expected maximum of typical SN Ia. 
#  Additionally, on the DSS I-band image (taken on 1989 Dec. 17), the 
# central region of NGC 2466 appeared to elongated to the east, as if
# an apparent supernova existed at the position end figures 16s.73,
# 38".0.  This region is overexposed on the DSS images on other bands,
# so it is not certain that it is a transient or a permanent.  Berto's
# image will be helpful.

"calcium-rich SNe"

  The UCB team reported that SN 2001co is a peculiar type Ib/c object;
calcium lines are very strong, but oxygen feature is very weak or
nearly absent which is very prominent on a later phase of the normal
SNe Ib/c.  The spectrum of SN 2003H, which was once classified to be a
type Ib, became similar to that of SN 2001co.  SN 2003dg and SN 2003dr
are also of this class.

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