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[vsnet-campaign-sn 621] SNe information from IAUC 8132-3

SN2003ef  20030216.47  <196C  NEM
SN2003ef  20030420.31   195C  NEM
SN2003ef  20030427.38   175C  NEM
SN2003cg  20030323.994  145R  HOR
SN2003cg  20030329.974  139R  HOR
SN2003cg  20030404.958  143R  HOR
SN2003cg  20030408.937  143R  HOR
SN2003cg  20030421.900  148R  HOR
SN2003cg  20030424.896  149R  HOR
SN2003cg  20030503.883  154R  HOR
SN2003du  20030424.937  148R  HOR
SN2003du  20030427.910  141R  HOR
SN2003du  20030503.899  135R  HOR
SN2003du  20030506.858  134R  HOR
SN2003du  20030507.875  134R  HOR

SN 2003dh:
  The Subaru team observed SN 2003dh, a supernova component of GRB
030329 spectropolarimetrically and spectroscopically (May 8.3 and 9.3
UT).  It closely resembles that of SN 1997ef (type-Ic hypernova) about
40 days after explosion, which is comparable to the rest-frame age of
SN 2003dh (34-35 days). (IAUC 8133)

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