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[vsnet-campaign-sn 617] SN II 2003ed in NGC 5303(A)

Dear SN watchers,

  According to CBET 14, Koichi Itagaki has discovered a relatively
bright SN in a nearby galaxy NGC 5303(A).  It is turned out to be of
type II.  

  The new object was discovered on May 3.496 at mag 15.2 (unfiltered
CCD).  It is immediately confirmed by R. Kushida and K. Kadota.  The
position is: R.A. = 13h47m45s.36, +36o18'20".3 (J2000.0), which is
about 3" east and 4" north of the nucleus of the host galaxy NGC 5303.
It was below mag 19 on Apr. 27.

  NGC 5303 is a peculiar galaxy with short jets, whose appearance is
an early spiral.  It makes a pair with NGC 5303B located at 2.8' due
south of NGC 5303.  CBET 14 describes the host galaxy as "NGC 5303A",
but the NED suggests that the appropriate designation would be "NGC
5303".  There is a foreground star (or a blob within the galaxy) about
3" north and 8" west of the nucleus, which is brighter than the SN at
discovery.  Please don't misidentify!

  The CfA team has revealed that the SN is of type II soon after
explosion.  The spectrum can be seen at: 
, which shows a blue continuum with a broad H-alpha feature with P-Cyg
profile.  It can remain at mag 15 for some dozen days, so the
follow-up observation of this bright SN is enjoyable.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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