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[vsnet-campaign-sn 588] SNe information from IAUC 8098

Dear SN watchers,

  IAUC 8098 informed the classifications of several recent SNe by the
Australian (ANU) group.

SN 2003bn:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 574] (Mar. 07!):
>SN2003bn  20030221.0  <210C  NEM
>SN2003bn  20030222.33  202C  NEM
>SN2003bn  20030227.48  167C  NEM
>SN2003bn  20030228.38  167C  NEM
>SN2003bn  20030306.13  167:V LCO
># SN 2003bn (10:02:35.51, -21:10:54.5 (J2000.0), offset = 3"E, 1"S) is
># hosted by 2MASXi J1002353-211052, a dim edge-on (?) galaxy.  

  It is type II SN, about 1 month after explosion based on Mar 24.48
spectrum.  The recession velocity of the host galaxy was measured as
3800 km/s, from which the derived absolute magnitude is normal for SN

SN 2003bu:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 581] (Mar. 13!):
>SN2003bu  20030210.5 <180:C  KAI
>SN2003bu  20030311.5  175:C  KAI
>SN2003bu  20030312.5  172:C  KAI
># SN 2003bu (14:00:31.45, -28:52:32.7 (J2000.0), offset = 8"W, 4"S) is
># hosted by NGC 5393, a face-on barred spiral galaxy with ring
># structure ((R_1R'_2)SB(r)b:).  The SN is superimposed on the west
># end of the bar.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about
># 16.3. 

  It is type Ic SN, about 1 week past maximum on Mar 24.68. 

SN 2003cb:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 584] (Mar. 16):
>SN2003cb  20030207.5 <193:C SCH
>SN2003cb  20030313.4  179C  SCH
>SN2003cb  20030315.4  179C  SCH
># SN 2003cb (13:00:33.25, -6:51:09.3 (J2000.0), offset = 10"W, 2"N) is
># hosted by NGC 4885, apparently disk type (Sa?) galaxy.  The expected
># maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about 15.0, though it seems not to
># of this case.

  The spectrum taken on Mar 24.64 revealed that it is type II SN about
2 months after explosion. 

SN 2003ch:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 585] (Mar. 23):
>SN2003ch  20030310.2  <190:C  KAI
>SN2003ch  20030321.2   174:C  KAI
>SN2003ch  20030322.2   170:C  KAI
># SN 2003ch (7:17:57.92, +9:41:34.9 (J2000.0), offset = 5"E, 13"N) is
># hosted by UGC 3787, an elliptical (or lenticular) galaxy which is a
># western component of the galaxy pair.  There are a lot of foreground
># stars, so the identification should be done carefully.

  It is type Ia SN, about 3 days before maximum on Mar. 24.45.  The
expected maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about 16.9, which is
consistent with the reported magnitudes.

SN 2003ci:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 585] (Mar. 23):
>SN2003ci  20030305.4  <190:C  KAI
>SN2003ci  20030321.4   175:C  KAI
>SN2003ci  20030322.4   175:C  KAI
># SN 2003ci (11:10:23.83, +4:49:35.9 (J2000.0), offset = 11"W, 12"S)
># is hosted by UGC 6212, a disturbed spiral galaxy interacting with
># the southern smaller one.  The new object is superimposed on the
># southern arm.  There is a foreground star also superimposed on the
># disk, so the careful identification would be needed.  The expected
># maximum for typicaol SN Ia is comparable with the discovery
># magnitude. 
  It is SN II, about 3 weeks after explosion.  It seems brighter than
normal one.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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