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[vsnet-campaign-sn 554] SNe observation from IAUC 8066

SN2002kk  20020805.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020815.44  194C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020815.45  194C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020815.46  194C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020818.0   192C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020826.0   190C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020905.0   195C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020927.0   201C  PAL
SN2002kk  20020928.0   202C  PAL
SN2002kk  20021008.0   208C  PAL
SN2002kk  20021013.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002kk  20021022.0  <205C  PAL
SN2002kk  20021115.0  <205C  PAL

# The LBNL team has revealed that SN 2002kk is a type Ia SN, about 2
# months after maximum on Nov. 9.  It is consistent with the light
# curve, which suggests the maximum occurred around Aug. 26.  It is an
# old and distant event.

SN2003ae  20030110.0  <205C  PAL
SN2003ae  20030123.38  179C  PAL
SN2003ae  20030123.40  179C  PAL
SN2003ae  20030124.0   176C  PAL
SN2003ae  20030128.0   171C  PAL

# A host galaxy of SN 2003ae (9:28:22.58, +27:26:40.7 (J2000.0),
# within 1" from the nucleus) is 2MASXi J0928225+272641, a small
# galaxy.  The CfA team took a spectrum on Feb. 6.29, which revealed
# that it is type Ia SN about a week before maximum.  They note that
# the discovery was made 2 weeks still more before the spectroscopy.
# The follow-up photometry, which will determine the maximum date, is
# very important to constrain the rise time (explosion - maximum) of
# SNe Ia.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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