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[vsnet-campaign-sn 549] SN information from IAUC 8061

SN2003W  20030116.4 <190:C  KAI
SN2003W  20030128.4  173:C  KAI
SN2003W  20030129.4  169:C  KAI
SN2003W  20030129.4  170:C  SCH

# A host galaxy of SN 2003W (9:46:49.48, +16:02:37.6 (J2000.0), offset
# = 3" due north) is a spiral (S(r)c) galaxy UGC 5234.  There is a
# very bright (mag about 11) foreground star about 20" due east of the
# nucleus of UGC 5234.  The CfA team took a spectrum on Jan. 29.34,
# which revealed that it is type Ia supernova well (about 12 days)
# before maximum.  The expected maximum for typical SN Ia is mag about
# 16.3, if an extinction within the host galaxy is small.

SN 2003U:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 546] (Jan. 28):
>SN2003U  20020910.0  <190C  Bol
>SN2003U  20030127.153 180C  Bol
>SN2003U  20030128.069 180C  Bol
># A host galaxy of SN 2003U (17:22:45.66, +62:09:50.4 (J2000.0),
># offset = 13"E, 7"S) is a face-on barred-spiral (SBcd) galaxy NGC
># 6365A, which is making a probably interacting pair NGC 6365 = Arp 30
># with a northern egde-on Sdm galaxy NGC 6365B.  The expected maximum
># for typical SN Ia is mag about 17.0.

  The CfA team also revealed that It is a type-Ia SN a few days before
maximum light on Jan 29.53.

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