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[vsnet-campaign-sn 482] spectral type of recent SNe

Dear SN watchers,

  IAUC 7979 informed the spectral classification of two SNe.

SN 2002fi:
In [vsnet-obs 41399]: (Sept. 18)
>SN2002fi  20020828.4  <190:C  KAI
>SN2002fi  20020913.4   185:C  KAI
>SN2002fi  20020917.4   183:C  KAI
># MCG -04-7-10, a host galaxy of SN 2002fi, is a distant spiral
># ((R'?)SA(s)a) galaxy.   The reported magnitude is coincident with
># the expected maximum for typical SN Ia.

It was indeed of type Ia.  Features resembles that of 20 days after
maximum on Sept. 26.  

SN 2002fj:
In [vsnet-campaign-sn 475]: (Sept. 20)
># NGC 2642, a host galaxy of SN 2002fj, is a barred-spiral (SB(r)bc)
># galaxy in a dawn sky.  SN is located at the east end of the bar, and
># just south of a foreground star (mag 13).  The expected maximum for
># typical SN Ia is mag about 15.5.  The reported fast decline is quite
># exceptional for SNe, so follow-up photometry and spectroscopy is
># very urged.

It was revealed to be type IIn SN.  Rapid decline would be consistent
with this classification.  Recent magnitude estimate is:

>SN2002fj   020928.122   170CR   MLF

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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