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[vsnet-campaign-sn 481] SN observations from IAUC 7979

SN2002fs  20011006.0   <205C  PAL
SN2002fs  20020804.0   <205C  PAL
SN2002fs  20020903.26   201C  PAL
SN2002fs  20020911.0    174C  PAL

# SN 2002fs (22:54:00.88, +14:39:24.5, J2000.0) is located on 3" due
# east of an apparent host anonymous spiral galaxy.  A spectrum taken
# on Sept. 28 with the Baade 6.5-m telescope revealed that it is type
# Ia SN a few days past maximum light.  The redshift of the host
# galaxy is measured as 0.038.  

SN2002ft  20020830.0   <205C  PAL
SN2002ft  20020909.39   189C  PAL
SN2002ft  20020917.0    181C  PAL

# SN 2002ft (23:15:45.82, -16:55:35.2, J2000.0) is also a type Ia SN
# soon after maximum on Sept. 28.  It is about twice as distant as SN
# 2002fs. 

SN2002fu  20011105.0   <205C  PAL
SN2002fu  20020822.0   <205C  PAL
SN2002fu  20020903.0   <205C  PAL
SN2002fu  20020910.21   194C  PAL
SN2002fu  20020911.0    193C  PAL

# SN 2002fu (22:09:55.99 +12:05:06.6, J2000.0) is a distant type II
# SN.  The host galaxy is anonymous spiral one.  A foreground star
# (USNO-A2.0 rmag = 19.2) exist quite near to SN (about 5" due north
# of SN).   

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