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[vsnet-campaign-blazar 1] New list: vsnet-campaign-blazar

New list: vsnet-campaign-blazar

Dear Colleagues,

    We have set up a new list, vsnet-campaign-blazar, as a sub-list of
vsnet-campaign, which has been used to exchange messages between VSNET
collaboration members in conducting VSNET campaigns, esp. cataclysmic
variables (CVs), X-ray transient outbursts and other multiwavelength
campaigns such as blazars.  The new list "vsnet-campaign-blazar" is totally
devoted to photometric and multiwavelength campaigns of blazars, AGNs,
particularly for the VSNET-WEBT collaborations and simultaneous observations
with satellites.

    The list is rather strictly restricted for the campaign usage.
Important notifications (such as new outbursts, noteworthy changes in the
campaign targets, important progress, campaign status updates and summaries,
call for new observations etc.) should be directed to vsnet-alert as before.
For discussions of general interest, please use vsnet-chat as before.
VSNET administrators may forward such messages to other VSNET lists
when necessary.

    The initial list of vsnet-campaign-blazar includes members of
vsnet-campaign and blazar people.  If one wish to subscribe or unsubscribe
to vsnet-campaign, please send a message to vsnet-adm, with a text line

    SUBSCRIBE vsnet-campaign-blazar your e-mail address  or
    UNSUBSCRIBE vsnet-campaign-blazar your e-mail address

    Please feel free to distribute this message to interested parties
or persons who may be interested in VSNET collaboration project.

Taichi Kato
on behalf of the VSNET collaboration team

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