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[vsnet-alert 7753] GO Com: new SU UMa-star now undergoing a superoutburst!

GO Com: new SU UMa-star now undergoing a superoutburst!

Dear Colleagues,

   As reported by Tom Krajci, GO Com is now displaying flashing superhumps,
finally confirming the SU UMa-type nature of this object.  The object is
now by 0.3-0.4 mag brighter than its precursor outburst starting on June 3.
The Kyoto team (observer: M. Uemura and R. Ishioka) also succeeded in
obtaining full data last night, which just precedes Krajci's observation.

   The preliminary superhump period on June 4 observation is 0.0635(4) d,
which generally confirms Krajci's report.  The mean superhump profile is
presented at:


   Fully grown superhumps are clearly seen!

   We have tried to reanalyze the June 2 observations to further investigate
the growing stage of the superhumps, but the signal is not yet evident
(although the result is still preliminary), at least not so evident
as in T Leo 1993 superoutburst).

   In any case, we *very* strongly encourage further intensive observations
to fully cover the present, long-awaited rare superoutburst of this

Taichi Kato
VSNET Collaboration team

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