CV observers are often obliged to detect periodicities or important features in seemingly irregular light curves. The following three light curves are extracted from recent observations at Ouda Station, representing "typical" light curves under "typical" Japanese weather conditions (clouds, clouds, rain, .. (;_;) <- tears). Can you detect periodicities or other important features among them? Or can you guess the object name? If you have answers, please post them to vsnet-adm@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp; the winner may be heartily awarded by the VSNET manager, Daisaku Nogami (?)

Question 1

Light curve 1

Question 2

Light curve 2

Question 3

Light curve 3


Question 4

How many nights did Daisaku Nogami (the Manager) observe in 1995?

Question 5

How long does Daisaku Nogami usually sleep per day?

Question 6

Where is Daisaku Nogami usually discovered to sleep? Select three most appropriate answers.

1) in trains or buses, 2) at office, 3) on library's sofa, 4) at PC's terminal,
5) while walking, 6) while talking, 7) while taking lectures, 8) on streets
8) somewhere else

New question!

What is the most important role of Daisaku in the VSNET community?

1) managing VSNET, 2) observing and writing papers, 3) sleep, 4) dancing on the Web, 5) nothing at all

If you have answers, please do not hesitate to mail to vsnet-adm@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp.

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