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VSOLJ database online! (experimental)

Dear Colleagues,

We (VSOLJ) have set up experimental online VSOLJ database, which can be used by any internet users free of charge. Please make sure this service is still experimental and detailed rules may be subject to change in future. We are planning to regularly update the online database with the regularly coming data. Note this database is not a part of the VSNET online data archive.

In the meantime, the online database is made accessible either by ftp or WWW. For those who have no access to internet may also send requests to the database manager (Makoto Watanabe, NAH01147@nifty.ne.jp), but keep in mind that this process is usually slow, and sometimes can not meet all the requests from technical reasons.

The present URL is:


This directory contains data of individual stars in two formats (.ut and .jd).

The VSOLJ (Variable Star Observers League in Japan) hold copyright of the database. Usage of the database is restricted, mainly allowed for personal usages, by relevant laws. Re-distribution of the database and files is prohibited.

Inclusion of this database into other one(s) is not allowed.

For those who publish using the VSOLJ database should follow the guidelines below at present.

   1) In the case that the VSOLJ data and/or the result of analysis of
      the VSOLJ data comprise a major part of the work (publication),
      the author(s) are requested to consult the VSOLJ Chair for the
      final form of the publication.  We consider the managing effort
      is essential in maintaining this volume of database; the author(s)
      may be requested to include the VSOLJ Chair or the most important
      contributor(s) to be a co-author of the publication.

   2) In the case that the VSOLJ data do not comprise a major part of
      the analysis of the publication (e.g. correlation analysis), the
      author(s) are requested to properly acknowledge in the publication.

   3) Even if observation are included in the VSOLJ database, the VSOLJ
      will not impose additional restrictions when the author(s) of the
      publication and the relevant observer(s) have reached an agreement
      about the form of the publication.  However, if the data comprise
      a major part of the VSOLJ database, please consult the VSOLJ Manager

Best wishes,
Taichi Kato,
on behalf of the VSOLJ

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