V4744 Sgr: Nova Sgr 2002 No.4

Left: CCD image taken by A. Miyashita.  Right: Spectrum taken by M. Fujii.

A possible nova (red mag 9.7) in Sagittarius was discovered by V. Tabur on CCD images taken on October 25. W. Liller confirmed it to be V=9.98 on October 27 (vsnet-campaign-nova 1117, 1118). This object in Sgr was given the permanent GCVS designation, V4744 Sgr (vsnet-campaign-nova 1129). No variable star at this location was reported by OGLE II team. Together with the lack of a bright 2MASS counterpart, the object was proposed to be most likely a nova (vsnet-campaign-nova 1119). Multi-color observations by S. Kiyota showed that the possible nova seemed to be relatively reddened (vsnet-campaign-nova 1121). In the spectrum taken by M. Fujii on October 29, a weak and narrow H-alpha emission line, associated with a prominent P Cyg profile, was detected. V4744 Sgr hence turned out to be a fourth nova in Sgr in 2002.  The NaD absorption line was strong. M. Fujii commented that the overall appearance of the spectrum resembles those of V838 Mon taken around 2002 Feb. to Mar. (vsnet-campaign-nova 1131). Even in the deepest DSS image (limiting Rmag about 21.0) and 2MASS infrared image, no object can be found within 5" of this position (vsnet-campaign-nova 1137, 1138). Tha lack of a bright 2MASS counterpart seems to preclude the possibility of a symbiotic nova (vsnet-campaign-nova 1139).  M. Fujii obtained a spectrum on November 4, in which stronger H-alpha (FWHM 950 km/s), H-beta emission lines, and stronger P Cyg-type profile of the Na D line were seen. The spectrum clearly showed Fe II series emission, indicating that the object is most likely an Fe II-class nova caught in an early stage of its evolution (vsnet-campaign-nova 1143). This nova almost remained at the bright state over one week, which implies a slow nova (vsnet-campaign-nova 1140).

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CCD image taken by S. Kiyota:
[vsnet-campaign-nova 1125]

Spectrum taken by M. Fujii:
[vsnet-campaign-nova 1131]

V4744 Sgr Spectrum on November 4 by M. Fujii:
[vsnet-campaign-nova 1143]

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