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[vsolj-alert 952] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

From owner-vsnet-campaign@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Tue Oct  2 00:10 JST 2001
To: vsnet-campaign
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 00:10:21 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-campaign 1179] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
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VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

*** Last week news ***

(new targets)
  FS Aur		(RA = 05h47m48s.34, Dec = +28d35'11".1)

    As reported by M. Simonsen on September 29, the unusual 
  short-period dwarf nova FS Aur is reported to be in outburst 
  of 14.1mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 1657).  It was still bright at 
  14.1mag on September 30 (vsnet-campaign-dn 1666).  

  SN 2001en		(RA = 01h25m22s.90, Dec = +34d01'30".5)  

    The KAIT team discovered SN 2001en on September 26.5 when it 
  was mag about 17.5.  It was confirmed on the next day with mag 
  about 17.0, when it was independently discovered by Beijing team.
  The location is about 6" east and 3" south of the eastern nucleus 
  of the odd-shaped galaxy NGC 523.  The expected maximum of the 
  normal SN Ia on this galaxy is mag about 15.5.  The remarkable 
  rising trend suggests that it is quite young object 
  (vsnet-campaign-sn 255).
  AO Oct		(RA = 21h04m59s.07, Dec = -75d21'22".5)

    According to astro-ph/0109402 (Woudt and Warner), AO Oct (formerly
  proposed to be a WZ Sge-type star) is shown to have an orbital 
  period below the period gap.  The object is most likely an SU 
  UMa-type dwarf nova.  Please keep the vigil on this object 
  (vsnet-campaign 1176).

  NSV02964 = HD45166	(RA = 06h26m20s.0, Dec = +07d58'52")

    According to astro-ph/0109461, this star may be a V Sge-type 
  binary with a period of 0.357 d (vsnet-campaign 1777).

  KR Aur		(RA = 06h15m45s.05, Dec = +28d34'16".0)

    As reported by several observers during the last week, KR Aur 
  is in bright state at around 13.8mag (vsnet-campaign-nl 41).

(continuous targets) 
  DO Dra		(RA = 11h43m38s.5, Dec = +71d41'19".1)

    It was in outburst until September 25, and then, the object 
  rapidly faded.  It was again a short outburst as previously 
  reported.  (vsnet-campaign-ip 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 
  vsnet-campaign-dn 1631, 1639, 1647, 1653, 1663).  

  V1548 Aql		(RA = 19h07m28s.42, Dec = +11d44'45".8)

    The object is steady at about 14.3mag (vsnet-campaign-nova 591).

  SN 2001el		(RA = 03h44m30s.57, Dec = -44d38'23".7)

    The object gradually brightened to 12.7 on September 24 
  (vsnet-campaign-sn 252).  H. Yamaoka reported that the VLT 
  observation revealed its type Ia SN nature.  The apparent 
  magnitude is consistent with the expected magnitude for the 
  normal SN Ia (vsnet-campaign-sn 253).  R. Knight reported a 
  brightening to 12.4mag of this SN on September 26 
  (vsnet-campaign-sn 254).

  TY Psc		(RA = 01h25m36s.87, Dec = +32d23'05".3)
    The outburst still continues and the current magnitude is about 
  12.8mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 1632, 1640, 1646, 1651, 1658, 1667).

  V4740 Sgr = Nova Sgr 2001 No. 3
			(RA = 18h11m45s.82, Dec = -30d30'49".9)

    The fading continues.  It was now around 9.3mag 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 581, 585, 587, 588, 590, 593).

  MV Lyr		(RA = 19h07m15s.93, Dec = +44d01'10".7)

    The object is still in the bright state (vsnet-campaign-nl 39, 
  40).  Since September 29, the object has been reported to further 
  brightened to 13.0mag (vsnet-campaign-nl 42, 43).

  V4739 Sgr = Nova Sgr 2001 No. 2  
			(RA = 18h24m46s.04, -30d00'41".1)

    The smooth fading continues.  It seems to be 14th mag or fainter 
  now (vsnet-campaign-nova 584).

  V2275 Cyg = Nova Cyg 2002 No. 2	
			(RA = 21h03m02s.00, Dec = +48d45'52".9)

    The slow fading is ongoing (vsnet-campaign-nova 582, 589, 592).
  Reported observations may show the fading was almost stopped 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 586).

  V2274 Cyg		(RA = 20h07m17s.94, Dec = +36d04'37".2)

    The nova may be recovered from the fade.  D. Rodriguez reported 
  V=15.35 on September 25 (vsnet-campaign-nova 583).

  WZ Sge		(RA = 20h07m36s.53, Dec = +17d42'15".3)

    The object is still slowly fading (vsnet-campaign-dn 1630, 1638, 
  1645, 1650, 1655, 1662, 1665).  The international campaign is still 
  extensively ongoing (vsnet-campaign-dn 1636, vsnet-campaign 1178).
    The profiles of hump and eclipses has rapidly changed during the 
  last week.  The QPOs were detected on September 24.  The 0.12mag 
  humps existed at phase 0.1 and narrow eclipses were also present 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 1635).  In the late 24 September the humps became 
  multiple profile (vsnet-campaign-dn 1633, 1637).  On September 25, 
  humps located at phase 0.4 and sharp eclipses were not evident 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 1641).  On September 26, the light curve showed 
  double humps at phase 0.8 and 0.35 (vsnet-campaign-dn 1644).  
  On September 27, the amplitude of humps was again grown to 0.35-0.6 
  mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 1648, 1652, 1654).  After the mid-September 
  28, the hump amplitude reduced to 0.2mag or more flatter 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 1656, 1659, 1660).  Since September 29, the humps 
  again became stronger (vsnet-campaign-dn 1664, 1668).
    T. Kato reported that a combination of moving (late) superhumps 
  and the steady orbital structure seems to partly explain the nightly 
  variation of the hump structure (vsnet-campaign-dn 1643). 

*** Future schedule ***

  WZ Sge campaign 
    D. Steeghs wrote:
	"Several of us are organizing a campaign on the current outburst 
  of WZ Sge, using a large variety of ground based facilities as well as 
  space observatories.  A web-page has been setup listing the scheduled 
  observations so far which we intend to keep up to date at:

  For more information, see [vsnet-campaign 1039]

  Supernova campaign: A great opportunity for amateurs by M. Schwartz.
    For more detailed information, see [vsnet-campaign-sn 233]
    announce on the HST observations, see [vsnet-campaign-sn 240, 246]

*** General information ***

  WZ Sge
    Nightly averaged magnitude, see [vsnet-campaign-dn 1634, 1642, 
					1649, 1661]

(This summary can be cited.)	

Makoto Uemura

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