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[vsolj-alert 908] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

From owner-vsnet-campaign@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Tue Jul 17 04:11 JST 2001
To: vsnet-campaign
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 04:11:21 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-campaign 1000] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
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VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
*** Last week news ***

(new targets)
  V589 Her		(RA = 16h22m07s.19, Dec = +19d22'36".3)

    As reported by C. Jones and G. Poyner on July 10, V589 Her 
  experienced a rare outburst of 14.1-14.3mag.  Only two outbursts 
  in 1999 and 2000 have been reported to VSNET.  Both outbursts 
  reached slightly fainter than mag 15, and apparently faded rather 
  quickly (vsnet-campaign 992, vsnet-campaign-dn 974, 976, 977).  
  On July 12, the decline rate seems to be faster (vsnet-campaign-dn 980), 
  and then, the outburst was terminated (vsnet-campaign-dn 981).
  M. Uemura reported that the Kyoto team also confirmed that it was 
  faint at R~15.8 on July 13, but still brighter than the quiescent 
  level (vsnet-campaign-dn 282).  As reported by T. Vanmunster in 
  [vsnet-alert 6067], the Kyoto team also confirmed no short-term 
  variation and rapid fading (vsnet-campaign-dn 985).

  SN 2001da		(RA = 23h53m32s.78, Dec = +08d07'02".6)
     According to IAUC 7658, the KAIT team discovered SN 2001da 
  on July 9 at mag about 16.5, and confirmed on the next day when 
  SN was about 0.2 mag brighter.  The position is about 9" east 
  and 3" south of the nucleus of the spiral galaxy NGC 7780.  
  NGC 7780 is a member of a loose group of galaxies.  The recession 
  velocity of this group is around 5200 km/s, thus the expected 
  maximum of typical SN Ia is about mag 16.0 or slightly brighter 
  (vsnet-campaign-sn 211).

  1RXS J105010.3-140431	(RA = 10h50m10s.2, Dec = -14d04'30")

    According to astro-ph/0107207, Mennickent et al. discovered 
  that 1RXS J105010.3-140431 is a 17-th mag cataclysmic variable 
  with a period 88.6 m, which has a spectrum closely resembling 
  that of WZ Sge.  Please monitor this object closely.  If any 
  outburst is detected, the object will be the top-priority target 
  of the VSNET Collaboration team (vsnet-campaign 993).

  V1141 Aql		(RA = 19h37m10s.01, Dec = +02d35'59".2)

    As reported by M. Reszelski on July 12, the SU UMa-type dwarf 
  nova V1141 Aql experienced an outburst at 15.3mag.  The last 
  likely superoutburst was reported in 2000 August-September 
  (vsnet-campaign 994).  The Kyoto team found the object was rapidly 
  faded on July 13 and 14.  The outburst seems to be a normal one 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 984).

  AM Her		(RA = 18h16m13s.4, Dec = +49d52'03".1)

    AM Her has been brightening since the last week.  M. Simonsen 
  reported 14.2mag on July 13 (vsnet-campaign 995).

  HT Cam		(RA = 07h57m01s.3, Dec = +63d06'01")

    M. Reszelski reported a rare outburst of HT Cam at 13.3mag 
  on July 13.  The object is a system with a short orbital period 
  (below the period gap).  Some authors consider the object as a 
  candidate of a intermediate polar.  The last reported outburst 
  occurred in 2000 September (Kinnunen) (vsnet-campaign 996).  
  The outburst was quickly faded as shown by observations on July 14 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 986, vsnet-campaign-ip 56).  Since all known 
  outbursts of HT Cam faded quickly, urgent observations are needed.  

  GRS1915+105		(RA = 19h15m11s.57, Dec = 10d56'44".9)

    R. Remillard reported that RXTE/ASM detected an outburst of 
  the galactic microquasar, GRS1915+105.  Its X-ray flux reached 
  730 mCrab on July 15 07:30 (UT).  Previous breakouts from the 
  low-hard state have been associated with the birth of relativistic 
  radio jets, so radio and IR measurements are urgently needed as
  soon as possible (vsnet-campaign 997).

(continuous targets) 
  V818 Sco		(RA = 16h19m55s.07, Dec = -15d38'24".5)
    The activity has become much stronger since the last week 
  (vsnet-campaign-xray 74,76).  E. Kuulkers wrote in 
  [vsnet-campaign-xray 75] that Sco X-1 is known to be flaring on 
  timescales of hours and X-rays and optical correlate well 
  during such flares (vsnet-campaign-xray 75).

  V1178 Sco		(RA = 17h57m06s.92, Dec = -32d23'05".0)

    Observations show oscillations of its brightness.  It is 
  gradually brightening and the current magnitude is about 11.4mag 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 391, 393).

  VW CrB		(RA = 16h00m03s.76, Dec = +33d11'14".4)

    M. Uemura reported that combined data sets of the Kyoto team 
  show about 0.0725 d weak periodicity.  The object was faded a little 
  faster on July 9 (vsnet-campaign-dn 973), and then, finally 
  entered a rapid decline phase on July 10 (vsnet-campaign-dn 975, 
  vsnet-campaign-dn 978).  The outburst lasts at least for 22 days 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 983).

  V446 Her		(RA = 18h57m21s.51, Dec = +13d14'27".3)

    D. Nogami reported that E. Pavlenko detected a new outburst 
  of V446 Her (vsnet-campaign 998, vsnet-campaign-dn 987).

  BL Lac		(RA = 22h02m42.86s, Dec = +42d16'37.6")

    M. Villata reported BL Lac was R~12.7 and further brightening 
  (vsnet-campaign-blazar 211).  T. Balonek reported it was R=12.45mag 
  on July 11 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 213).  The brightening continued 
  until July 14-15 when the object rapidly faded on July 14 and 15 
  (vsnet-campaign-blazar 212, 214, 215).

  IX Dra                (RA = 18h12m32s.2, Dec = +67d04'41")

    An outburst (15.0mag) of IX Dra was detected by M. Reszelski 
  on July 10 (vsnet-campaign-dn 979).

  V445 Pup		(RA = 07h37m56s.88, Dec = -25d56'59".1)

    The fading trend still continues.  B. Monard reported 11.5mag 
  on July 11 (vsnet-campaign-nova 392).

  delta Sco		(RA = 16h00m19s.9, Dec = -22d37'17")

    The object is gradually brightening.  The current magnitude 
  is about 1.8mag (vsnet-campaign-be 137).

*** Future schedule ***

  EM Cyg campaign with HST on 23 - 29 July 
			(most likely 12:22-13:10 UT on July 29) 
    conducted by T. Marsh
  For more detailed information, see [vsnet-campaign 999]

  V446 Her campaign until September
    conducted by Matthias Schreiber, Boris Gaensicke, and Daisaku Nogami
  For more detailed information, see [vsnet-campaign-dn 918], 
  [vsnet-campaign-nova 349], or [vsnet-campaign 983]

  CV conference at Goettingen, 5-10 August 2001
	[vsnet-announce 15, 20]

  Two Years of Science with Chandra *
    * This meeting will also be the 12th Annual Maryland Astrophysics 
	September 5-7, 2001
    For more information, see [vsnet-campaign-xray 66]

*** General information ***

  BL Lac
    WEBT campaign on BL Lac page:
						[vsnet-campaign-blazar 211]
  V818 Sco
    RXTE/ASM recent X-ray light curve:
						[vsnet-campaign-xray 75]

(This summary can be cited.)	

Makoto Uemura

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