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[vsolj-alert 889] Nova Aquilae 2001 chart

From owner-vsnet-alert@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Wed May 23 09:31 JST 2001
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 00:29:47 +0100
From: reinder j bouma <rjbouma@wxs.nl>
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Subject: [vsnet-alert 5917] New (preliminary) chart for Nova Aquilae 2001
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We have placed a 15 x 15' chart of Nova Aquilae 2001 at the following
Comparison stars down to magnitude 14.5 for this preliminary chart were
selected from Hendens single night photometry [vsnet-chat 4468].
This should be sufficient for visual observers for the time being.
We plan to issue a chart with fainter magnitudes in the near future when
there is improved photometry as well (not that it matters much for
visual work).

Reinder Bouma/Edwin van Dijk
Reinder J. Bouma    e-mail (1): rjbouma@wxs.nl or rjbouma@planet.nl
Bekemaheerd 77      e-mail (2): comets.nl@12move.nl
9737PR Groningen    homepage: http://vsnet.shopplaza.nl/astro/
The Netherlands     phone: +31 (0)50-5418227

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