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[vsolj-alert 867] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

From owner-vsnet-campaign@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Tue Apr  3 04:33 JST 2001
To: vsnet-campaign
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 04:33:20 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-campaign 836] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
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VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
*** Last week news ***

(new targets)
  V485 Cen		(RA = 12h57m23s.30, Dec = -33d12'06".8)

    The dwarf nova V485 Cen is undergoing an outburst (14.1mag) 
  as reported by R. Stubbings on March 29.  The brightness and 
  the outburst interval suggests a superoutburst.  V485 Cen is 
  known to be a unique dwarf nova having an orbital period of 
  59 min, which is well below the "minimum period" of hydrogen-rich
  cataclysmic variables (vsnet-campaign 832).  The outburst 
  still continues (vsnet-campaign-dn 616).

  IR Com		(RA = 12h39m32s.09, Dec = +21d08'05".6)

    The short-period eclipsing dwarf nova IR Com experienced an 
  outburst (14.0mag) as reported by M. Simonsen on March 25.  
  The reported duration seems to be longer than those of previous 
  normal outbursts (vsnet-campaign 829).  Since March 28, relatively 
  rapid decline trend was confirmed (vsnet-campaign-dn 611).

  NY Ser		(RA = 15h13m02.39s, Dec = +23d15'07".1)

    NY Ser, the SU UMa-type dwarf nova with a long (orbital) period, 
  is undergoing a bright (14.2mag) outburst as reported by M. Simonsen 
  on March 27.  The outburst may be a superoutburst.
  The Kyoto team had obtained some immediate pre-superoutburst data 
  (vsnet-campaign 828).

  Z Cha			(RA = 08h07m16s.29, Dec = -76d32'20".9)

    The eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova Z Cha is in outburst (11.8amg) 
  as reported by R. Stubbings on March 26.  The brightness may suggest 
  a superoutburst (vsnet-campaign 830).  The outburst still continues 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 614, 617).

  V405 Aur		(RA = 05h57m59s.29, Dec = +53d53'44".8)

    S. O'Connor and M. Reszelski reported that the intermediate polar 
  V405 Aur is in active state (13.6-13.8mag).

  MV Lyr		(RA = 19h07m15s.93, Dec = +44d01'10".7)
    M. Simonsen's observation on March 28 shows the nova-like variable 
  MV Lyr is recovering (14.4mag) from faint state (vsnet-campaign-nl 10).

  V1504 Cyg		(RA = 19h28m55.87s, Dec = +43d05'39".9)
    V1504 Cyg experienced an outburst (13.9mag) as reported by 
  T. Kinnunen on March 30 (vsnet-campaign 833).

(continuous targets) 
  V445 Pup		(RA = 07h37m56s.88, Dec = -25d56'59".1)

    The object slightly brightened (~10.0mag) around March 26 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 275), and then again gradually faded 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 277).

  DW Cnc		(RA = 07h58m56s.80, Dec = +16d16'48".2)

    Time-series photometry taken by J. Pietz on March 27 shows 
  a hump-like modulation with an amplitude of 0.4mag 
  (vsnet-campaign 834).  In his data on March 30, the modulations 
  are less prominent.  M. Uemura reported that combined light curve 
  of the VSNET collaboration team show 0.053 and 0.027 day periodicity, 
  but not strong (vsnet-campaign 835).  The bright state continues.  

  Delta Sco		(RA = 16h00m19s.9, Dec = -22d37'17")

    The bright state continues (vsnet-campaign-be 65).

  W Com			(RA = 12h21m31.5s, Dec = +28d13m57.6s)

    The blazar W Com is brightening to 14.0mag as reported several 
  observers on March 26 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 172).

  V4643 Sgr		(RA = 17h54m40s.43, Dec = -26d14'15".7)

    After the short plateau, the object again faded rapidly.  
  13.1 mag was reported on March 23 and 24 (vsnet-campaign-nova 276).

  V803 Cen		(RA = 13h23m44.5s, Dec = -41d44'30".1)

    The activity seems to be calm during March 26 and 27 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 612), and then modulated between 13.9-14.3mag 
  during March 27-29 (vsnet-campaign-dn 615).

  U Gem			(RA = 07h55m05s.55, Dec = +22d00'09".2)

    The slightly bright state continues (vsnet-campaign-dn 613).

  SN 2001V		(RA = 11h57m24s.93, Dec = +25d12'09".0)

    The object is currently at 14.8-14.9mag (vsnet-campaign-sn 169).

  V893 Sco		(RA = 16h14m45.26s, Dec = -28d39m30.3s)

    The dwarf nova again experienced an outburst (12.7mag) as 
  reported by R. Stubbings on March 31.  The brightness suggests 
  a normal outburst (vsnet-campaign-dn 618). 

*** Future schedule ***

  RZ LMi campaign conducted by J. Patterson on April 2001

    For more information, see [vsnet-campaign 718, vsnet-campaign-dn 429].

  Elizabeth and Frederick White Workshop
    AGN variability across the Electromagnetic Spectrum
      25 - 29 June 2001 Sydney, Australia

    For more information, see [vsnet-campaign-blazar 168].

  Two Years of Science with Chandra *
    * This meeting will also be the 12th Annual Maryland Astrophysics 
	September 5-7, 2001
    For more information, see [vsnet-campaign-xray 66]

*** General information ***

  Z Cha
    eclipse ephemeris, see [vsnet-campaign 827]

  U Gem
    eclipse ephemeris, see [vsnet-campaign-dn 610]

  IR Com
    eclipse ephemeris, see [vsnet-campaign 831]

(This summary can be cited.)

Makoto Uemura

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