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[vsolj-alert 865] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

From owner-vsnet-campaign@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Tue Mar 20 08:08 JST 2001
To: vsnet-campaign
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 08:08:19 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-campaign 817] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
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VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
*** Last week news ***

(new targets)
  SN 2001ac		(RA = 11h03m15s.37, Dec = +27d58'29".5)

    A nearby SN was discovered by the KAIT telescope.  SN 2001ac 
  has discovered and confirmed on Mar 12.4 UT and 13.3 UT, 
  respectingly, at mag about 18.2.  The position is about 55" east 
  and 9" north of the bright nucleus of the starburst galaxy NGC 3504.  
  The recession velocity suggest that the typical unreddened SN Ia on
  this galaxy can reach mag 13 or so, but it has remained the same
  magnitude two days (not so young)(vsnet-campaign-sn 164).  
  W. Li reported that it is not blue at all, so it shouldn't be a 
  very early SN Ia, but might be a subluminous SN II (vsnet-campaign-sn 162, 
  163).  The Ouda team observed the object on March 16 and reported 
  that it looks like the supernova has not brightened significantly 
  since the discovery (vsnet-campaign-sn 166).

  NSV 10934		(RA = 18h40m52s.26, Dec = -83d43'10".24)

    R. Stubbing reported on March 13 that the cataclysmic variable 
  candidate NSV 10934, selected from NSV and ROSAT catalogue,  
  experienced an outburst at 12.9mag.  The outburst is probably 
  first-ever visually observed one (vsnet-campaign 812).
  The outburst continued until March 16-17 (vsnet-campaign-dn 583, 588), 
  and T. Kato noticed that the duration of the outburst plateau is 
  longer than that of an SU UMa-type normal outburst, but is 
  significantly shorter than those of superoutbursts (vsnet-campaign-dn 595). 
  T. Kato mentioned that the position given by Morel in 
  [vsnet-campaign-dn 592] corresponds to a USNO star (r=16.4, b=16.9
  in A1.0).  The outburst amplitude may be relatively small 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 593, 598).

  RX Cha		(RA = 10h36m26s.33, Dec = -80d02'48".2)

    R. Stubbing reported that the dwarf nova RX Cha experienced a 
  relatively rare outburst (14.3mag) on March 13.  Photometry by 
  G. Garradd on the occasion of the 1998 Sep. outburst revealed 
  the presence of superhumps, qualifying the object as a likely 
  SU UMa star.  However, the superhump period has not yet been 
  determined precisely, nor further confirmatory observations were
  obtained (vsnet-campaign 813).  The outburst continues 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 584, 589).

  AT Cnc		(RA = 08h28m36s.92, Dec = +25d20'02".6)

    The object is currently in a standstill, but reported to be slowly 
  fading during the last week (vsnet-campaign-dn 582).

  SN 2001ad		(RA = 17h24m02s.40, Dec = +58d59'52".2) 

    IAUC 7596 reports the Beijing discovery of SN 2001ad.
  From the recession velocity of the host galaxy (3320 km/s from NED),
  the expected maximum of the typical unreddened SN Ia is around mag 15. 
  The reported magnitudes of SN 2001ad (17.4:C on Mar. 11.8 by Beijing
  team; 18.4C: on Mar 13.5 by KAIT) suggest, however, that it will not
  become so bright (vsnet-campaign-sn 165).

  IW And		(RA = 01h01m08s.82, Dec = +43d23'27".3)

    A M. Reszelski's observation on March 13 show the object is at 
  bright (14.5mag) state (vsnet-campaign-dn 591).

  V893 Sco		(RA = 16h14m45.26s, Dec = -28d39m30.3s)

    The object stays above minimum since Mar. 9, the duration of 
  the bright state may be longer than usual short outbursts 
  (vsnet-campaign 814).

  BF Ara		(RA = 17h38m10s.40, Dec = -47d10'43".4)

    An outburst was reported by R. Stubbings on March 6.  
  The outburst continues and the object is currently at 14.2mag 
  as reported by A. Pearce (vsnet-campaign-dn 597).

(continuous targets)  
  V4643 Sgr		(RA = 17h54m40s.43, Dec = -26d14'15".7)

    Reported magnitudes show the fading may be stopped at 11.2-11.4mag 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 272).

  V445 Pup		(RA = 07h37m56s.88, Dec = -25d56'59".1)

    It brightened to about 9.5mag on March 12 and 13 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 270).  The object was bright until March 15 
  and again back to 10mag (vsnet-campaign-nova 271, 273).

  V803 Cen		(RA = 13h23m44.5s, Dec = -41d44'30".1)

    The object was reported to be still bright at 13.8mag on March 13
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 581).

  MKN 421		(RA = 11h04m27s, Dec = +38d12'32")

    The bright state continues (vsnet-campaign-blazar 166).
  A very bright magnitude of 12.3mag was reported on March 18 
  (vsnet-campaign-blazar 167).

  IY UMa		(RA = 10h43m56s.87, Dec = +58d07'32".5)

    The Ouda team reported the object is about 16.8-17.0 mag on 
  March 15 and brighter than previously reported quiescent 
  magnitude (vsnet-campaign-dn 585).  B. Sumner showed the four 
  nights of quiescent magnitude from A. Henden's field photometry 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 586, 587).

  U Gem			(RA = 07h55m05s.55, Dec = +22d00'09".2)

    The slightly bright state continues (vsnet-campaign-dn 590).

  BZ Cam		(RA = 06h29m34s.49, Dec = +71d04'39".5)

    The slightly faint state continues (vsnet-campaign-nl 8).

  DW Cnc		(RA = 07h58m56s.80, Dec = +16d16'48".2)

    The bright state continues at 14.3mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 596).
  The Ouda team detected short-term variations whose amplitudes 
  are typically 0.3mag and period slightly shorter than 0.03day.  
  T. Kato reported that the period may reflect either the spin 
  period of an intermediate polar, or the orbital/superhump period 
  of an ultrashort-period binary (vsnet-campaign 815, 816).

*** Future schedule ***

  RZ LMi campaign conducted by J. Patterson on April 2001

    For more information, see [vsnet-campaign 718, vsnet-campaign-dn 429].

  Elizabeth and Frederick White Workshop
    AGN variability across the Electromagnetic Spectrum
      25 - 29 June 2001 Sydney, Australia

    For more information, see [vsnet-campaign-blazar 168].

*** General information ***

  IY UMa
    eclipse ephemeris, see [vsnet-campaign-dn 585].

  SN Images
    D. Bishop posted spectra of 2001ab, ac, and ad at:
						[vsnet-campaign-sn 168]

(This summary can be cited.)

Makoto Uemura

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