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[vsolj-alert 858] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

From owner-vsnet-campaign@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Tue Feb 13 07:18 JST 2001
To: vsnet-campaign
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 07:18:30 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-campaign 757] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
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VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
*** Last week news ***

(new targets)
  SN 2001R		(RA = 13h29m16s.93, Dec = +17d02'41".2)

    The new object has discovered on the images taken by KAIT team 
  on Jan. 6.5, Feb. 3.5, and Feb 4.5, and it has been at mag 185:C.  
  The location is about 33" west and 25" south of the nucleus of 
  the tilted spiral(SAB(rs)bc:) galaxy NGC 5172.  From the recession 
  velocity of NGC 5172, the expected maximum for normal SN Ia is 
  mag 15.4.  The constant brightness for almost 1 month, however, 
  indicate that it would be in some plateau phase, which is typical 
  for some of SN II.  This galaxy had produced another SN 3 years ago.  
  SN 1998cc was discovered at mag 18.1 before maximum.  It was of 
  type Ib, but not followed-up well (vsnet-campaign-sn 150).

  BR Lup		(RA = 15h35m51s.61, Dec = -40d34'25".4)

    As reported by D. Overbeek in [vsnet-outburst 1555], 
  the SU UMa-type dwarf nova BR Lup experienced a bright (13.2mag) 
  outburst on February 6.  The last superoutburst was observed 
  in 2000 Aug (mv=13.7, Stubbings)(vsnet-campaign 752).  
  A rapid fading was reported on February 7 (vsnet-campaign 754).

  UV Gem		(RA = 06h38m44s.51, Dec = +18d16'05".6)

    R. Stubbings reported on February 10 that the SU UMa-type 
  dwarf nova UV Gem is in outburst.  Even outburst at this 
  magnitude can be a superoutburst (as in the 1999 December one) 
  (vsnet-campaign 755).  The outburst was reported to be at 15.0mag 
  on February 11, which means the outburst continues (vsnet-campaign 756).

  SN 2001T		(RA = 14h32m53s.17, Dec = -12d58'43".6)

    IAUC 7581 informed that SN 2001T was discovered by Bejing team 
  on Feb. 6.9 (mag 170:C) and appeared 0.2 mag brighter on 2 days later.  
  The location is about 3" east and 12" south of the nucleus of 
  the barred-spiral (SB(rs)bc) galaxy MCG -02-37-6.  It lies between 
  the bar and the southern arm.  From the recession velocity of 
  the host galaxy, the expected maximum of SN Ia is mag about 15.4 
  (vsnet-campaign-sn 153).

    T. Kato showed new ROSAT CVs according to Appenzeller et al. (1998) 
  in [vsnet-campaign 748].  Among them, G. Tovmassian noticed that 
  RXJ2157.5+0855 is a magnetic CV (polar)  with well defined high 
  and low states (vsnet-campaign 749).

(continuous targets)
  V383 Vel		(RA = 10h21m41s.7, Dec = -49d49'24".33")

    The bright long outburst continued until Febraury 10 when 
  R. Stubbings reported its fading (vsnet-campaign-dn 458, 459, 462)
  The current magnitude is around 14.3mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 467).

  V4018 Sgr		(RA = 18h25m29s.95, Dec = -28d35'09".5)

    F. Williams's observations suggest the fading may have commenced 
  since 2000 (vsnet-campaign 753).

  QW Ser		(RA = 15h26m13s.99, Dec = +08d18'03".8)

    The superoutburst continues.  H. Iwamatsu, the Kyoto team, 
  performed time-series observations on February 6, 8, 10, 11 
  (vsnet-campaign 750, vsnet-campaign-dn 461, 465, 468). 
  R. Novak performed more than 5 hours run on February 11 and 12
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 466, 469).

  SX LMi		(RA = 10h54m29s.93, Dec = +30d06'30".0)
    The plateau stage of the superoutburst continued until February 
  6 when the Kyoto observation detected its rapid decline
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 457, vsnet-campaign 751).

  BF Eri		(RA = 04h39m29s.62, Dec = -04d36'10".0)

    The outburst was terminated on February 9 as indicated by 
  an E. Muyllaert's observation of <13.4mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 464).

  U Gem			(RA = 07h55m05s.55, Dec = +22d00'09".2)

    The slightly bright state continues and the current magnitude 
  is 13.8-13.9 mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 463).

  V445 Pup		(RA = 07h37m56s.88, Dec = -25d56'59".1)

    The relatively calm state continues (vsnet-campaign-nova 206, 
  207, 208).  On February 11, the Kyoto team obtained quasi-continuous 
  4.5-hour high-speed photometry which yields short-term variations, 
  but the amplitudes were an order of 0.1 mag or less 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 209). 

  3C 66A		(RA = 02h22m39s.6, Dec = +43d02'08")

    The fading continues (vsnet-campaign-blazar 141).

  Delta Sco		(RA = 16h00m19s.9, Dec = -22d37'17")

    The bright state continues (vsnet-campaign-be 85, 86, 87).
  The current magnitude is around 1.9mag.

  V803 Cen		(RA = 13h23m44.5s, Dec = -41d44'30".1)

    An outburst (13.5mag) was reported by A. Pearce on February 7 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 460).

  SN 2001B		(RA = 04h57m19s.24, Dec = +78d11'16".5)

    The object is gradually fading from the maximum (vsnet-campaign-sn 151).  

  SN 2001C		(RA = 06h59m36s.10, Dec = +59d31'01".6)

    The object is gradually fading (vsnet-campaign-sn 152).
  The current magnitude is around 15.4C. 

  TV Col		(RA = 05h29m25s.5, Dec = -32d49'05".2)

    The last outburst was observed on January 28.  On the point of 
  recent outburst frequency, the next one may be due, and 
  close monitorings are encouraged (vsnet-campaign-ip 39, 40).

*** Future schedule ***

  RZ LMi campaign conducted by J. Patterson on April 2001

    For more information, see [vsnet-campaign 718, vsnet-campaign-dn 429].

*** General information ***

  U Gem
    eclipse ephemeris, see [vsnet-campaign 747]

(This summary can be cited.)

Makoto Uemura

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