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[vsolj-alert 834] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary

From owner-vsnet-campaign@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp Tue Nov 28 02:48 JST 2000
To: vsnet-campaign
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 02:48:16 +0900
From: Makoto Uemura <uemura@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
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Subject: [vsnet-campaign 561] VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
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VSNET Weekly Campaign Summary
*** Last week news ***

(new targets)
  EK TrA		(RA = 15h14m00s.19, Dec = -65d06'17".1)

    The SU UMa-type dwarf nova EK TrA experienced an outburst on November 20 
  as reported by R. Stubbings at the magnitude of 11.4.  The last outburst 
  was observed in 2000 March (vsnet-campaign-dn 250).

  OJ 287		(RA = 08h51m57s, Dec = 20d17'59")

    The BL Lac object OJ 287 brightened on November 21 as reported by 
  G. Poyner at the magnitude of 14.7 (vsnet-campaign-blazar 95).

  SY Vol		(RA = 08h53m28s.9, Dec = -71d12'29".9)

    The dwarf nova SY Vol experienced an outburst on November 22 as reported 
  by R. Stubbings at the magnitude of 14.2 (vsnet-campaign-dn 251).
  The fading from the outburst was observed in 22 - 23 November 
  (vsnet-campaign-dn 252).

  V723 Cas		(RA = 01h05m05s.40, Dec = +54d00'40".8)

    V723 Cas = Nova Cas 1995 was reported to show a minor brightening.  
  R. J. Bouma reported the magnitude of 13.9 on November 22 
  (vsnet-campaign-nova 91, 92).

  SN 2000el		(RA = 22h28m26s.62, Dec = +17d08'51".2)

    According to IAUC 7523, T. Pickett and his colleagues has discovered
  a supernova in the neighbouring galaxy NGC 7290.  The position is 1".5 
  east of the center of the spiral (SA(r)bc) galaxy NGC 7290.  The magnitude 
  at discovery (Nov. 21.03) was 175C.  The expected maximum of the normal 
  SN Ia is about mag 14.5 (vsnet-campaign-sn 111). 

  V803 Cen		(RA = 13h23m44.5s, Dec = -41d44'30".1)

    The helium CV, V803 Cen, experienced an outburst on November 24 as 
  reported by R. Stubbings at the magnitude of 13.6 (vsnet-campaign-dn 253).
  T. Kato commented reported magnitudes on November 25 may imply rapid 
  variations (vsnet-campaign-dn 254).

  SN 2000eo		(RA = 03h09m08s.17, Dec = -10d17'55".3)

    IAUC 7524 informed the discovery of several SNe by CTIO search group.  
  Among them, SN 2000eo is the nearest and has become quite bright. 
  The position is about 12" west and 21" south of the nucleus of the host 
  barred-spiral ((R')SB(r)a pec?) galaxy MCG -2-9-3.  The spectrum taken on 
  November 20 shows the blue continuum with narrow hydrogen Balmar emission 
  lines, which indicate that it seems to be a type IIn SN in the early phase.  
  The recession velocity of the host galaxy is about 3000 km/s, which indicate 
  that the typical SNeIa on this galaxy will reach mag about 14.7 at their
  maximum (vsnet-campaign-sn 112).

  SN 2000er		(RA = 02h24m32s.54, Dec = -58d26'18".0)

    According to IAUC 9132, R. Chassagne has discovered his 4th SN in this 
  year in the southern galaxy PGC 9132 = ESO 115-G009 at mag 15.1.  
  The position is 27" east and 16" south of the center of PGC 9132.  
  The spectroscopy has been done at ESO, which reveals that it is quite 
  peculiar object as a SN.  Only the very narrow (\sim 800 km/s) feature 
  with P-Cyg profile at 607 nm (which can be of He I or Na I) is detected 
  other than the blue continuum.  It can suggest that it is a young SN.  
  Also, it is quite bright: the discovery magnitude is mag 1.5 brighter than 
  normal SNeIa on this distance, and the follow-up on ESO (V = 16.7 on 
  November 26.17) is also as bright as the maximum of SNeIa despite that an 
  usual SN Ib is 1-2 mag dimmer than SNeIa (vsnet-campaign-sn 113, 115).

  OY Car		(RA = 10h06m22s.46, Dec = -70d14'04".4)

    R. Stubbings reported an outburst of the eclipsing SU UMa-type 
  dwarf nova OY Car on November 27 from 14.8mag to 13.5mag 
  (vsnet-outburst 1006, vsnet-campaign 560).

(continuous targets)
  DO Dra		(RA = 11h43m38s.5, Dec = +71d41'19".1)

    R. Ishioka reported that the light curve observed at Kyoto on November 
  19 shows three humps with the period about 28 min (vsnet-campaign-ip 8).
  The object showed a rapid fading on November 19.  The outburst was 
  terminated (vsnet-campaign-ip 9).

  SN 2000dx		(RA = 02h18m26s.88, Dec = +05d39'02".0)
    The object is fading from the peak.  The current R-magnitude is 
  about 16.2 - 16.6mag (vsnet-campaign-sn 114).

  Delta Vel		(RA = 08h44m42s.1, Dec = -54d42'30")

    S. Otero confirmed the secondary eclipse on November 21 as predicted.  
  (vsnet-campaign-deltavel 29) and reported a comparison between predicted 
  and observed magnitudes in [vsnet-campaign-deltavel 30] (see also, 
  vsnet-campaign-deltavel 31, 32).
  BL Lac		(RA = 22h02m42.86s, Dec = +42d16'37.6")

    The striking activity is still seen.  In the last week, observations of 
  13.7-14.1mag were reported (vsnet-campaign-blazar 96, 97, 98, 99).  

*** General information ***

  OY Car
    eclipse ephemeris, see [vsnet-campaign 560]

(This summary is reproduction free.)

Makoto Uemura

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